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By using our services and SUBMITTING website forms offered on RENTMONTANACABINS.COM, you (PROPERTY OWNERS, MANAGERS, AND RENTERS) agree to the terms and conditions stated in our privacy policy. RENTMONTANACABINS.COM is not responsible for accurate rate information, mis-information, availability information, wrong / illegally uploaded images/pictures, OR any coupon expiration and usage for all rental properties on this website. Since renters book directly with property owners or local property managers whom list on this website, the renters must honor all terms and booking/cancellation policies of property owners or property managers.

RENTMONTANACABINS.COM A MEMBER OF JM CREATIVE GROUP, LLC is not responsible for a person(s) (accident or death) occurring at ANY vacation rental listed on our website. RENTERS are solely responsible to confirm their vacation rentals meet local, county, state and/or federal vacation-rental requirements. Travelers are 100% responsible to validate the short-term and/or long-term legal requirements before renting. All information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed and should be independently verified. makes no representation as to the fitness or qualification of any individual property. Properties are certified by individual owners as being in compliance, however, does not certify as to the accuracy or validity of such statements. shall not be responsible or liable for any typographical errors, mapping errors, misinformation, or misprints. All properties are subject to prior sale, change or withdrawal. Social Media or Third Party Websites. If RENTMONTANACABINS.COM offers a tool or service which allows us to access or use any profile or other information about you that you have provided to Facebook or another third party website (each a “Social Media Site”) and you decide to use such a tool or service, you acknowledge and agree that: The information or content that are a part of your Social Media Site profile, which you have designated as “public” (or a similar designation) (with such information or content and referred to herein as “Social Media Content”) may be accessed and used by us in connection with RENTMONTANACABINS.COM; The Social Media Content will be considered “user generated content” under these Terms and both you and we shall have the same rights and responsibilities as you and we have with respect to user generated content under these Terms; In the event that the Social Media Content was for any reason misclassified with a public or similar designation or is otherwise inaccurate or to which you do not agree with for any reason, you agree to work with the Social Media Site to make any changes or resolve any disputes and acknowledge that we will not be able to provide you with recourse; and The operation of your profile and account with and on the Social Media Site shall continue to be governed by the terms and conditions and privacy policy of such Social Media Site. To be eligible for the $100 gas card drawing, you must be 18 and have a valid drivers license. You must book and check in. Cancellations for any reason will make you not-eligible for the gas card drawing. Dollar amount, drawing dates and gas card drawing promotions are subject to change or end at any time. The drawing will include the confirmed bookings from all state websites. RENTMONTANACABINS.COM A MEMBER OF JM CREATIVE GROUP, LLC will confirm all bookings with the rental owners or property managers. 

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