List your Montana vacation rentals. Our more relaxed approach to renting Montana cabins pays off for everyone. No booking website commissions or extra traveler fees.

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No commissions. No traveler fees.

Marketing broadly is key to running an efficient vacation rental business. Our low annual listing fee delivers more inquiries and renter traffic to your vacation rental website. is a state-specific, vacation rental website that connects renters with Montana rental owners and local property managers. Allow direct bookings and save your renters and yourself some money.

We are a value superstar in 7 states. We initially set up your listing(s) for you. Login to an easy-to-use Property Dashboard and make updates at your convenience.

Don’t see vacation rentals in your area? You have a great opportunity! Renters are always asking us about rentals in areas where there are currently no properties. Once you list your vacation rental property your region and rental name will automatically be searchable in Google and other search engines.


Vrbo won’t do it. Airbnb won’t do it. WE WILL GET YOU MORE DIRECT BOOKINGS!
***ADD ON: Odds are you use social media to promote your rentals and boost direct bookings. What if you could reach an additional 35,000+ renters a month for $33 per month? What if we did it for you? Over the next year we will post monthly campaigns on our regional and national Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram channels that focus on your brand and send more renters to your website.

We help build YOUR online brand, not hide it behind a "book now" button. Your listings include your phone number plus links to your property website and/or social media channels. Inquiries include the renter’s name, email, phone number, travel dates, number of guests (adults/kids), and a personalized message.

We are the JM Creative Group, and we’ve been busy launching state-specific, book direct websites since 2009. Google and other search engines reward our regional approach and travelers appreciate a state-focused website. We started with; then rolled out,, and We recently launched in Kentucky and New York too. We are just getting started.

It’s no surprise that vacationers flock to the internet to SEARCH for Montana vacation rentals. Vacationers find by Googling "Montana Cabins", "Rent Montana Cabins," "Montana Vacation Rentals," etc. Travelers are wise to the traveler fees found on third-party booking websites so they are finding regional websites like ours that let them easily plan and book directly with rental owners or local property managers.

1. Shortly after sign up, we’ll review your property website (if you have one), then call for a quick "thanks."
2. A PayPal invoice arrives. Pay your annual fee by credit card, or mail check payment.
3. We’ll initially create your listing(s) and add them to our website.
4. A property dashboard lets you manage everything 24/7.

List all rentals and we’ll set up a free (resort/property management)landing page so renters can easily compare them. Besides, each rental has its own character, amenities and scenic surroundings.


  • 1 rental listing $128/yr.
  • 2 rental listings $158/yr.
  • 3 rental listings $188/yr.
  • 4 rental listings $218/yr.
  • 5 rental listings $248/yr.
  • 6 rental listings $278/yr.
  • 7 rental listings $308/yr.
  • 8 rental listings $338/yr.
  • 9 rental listings $368/yr.
  • 10 rental listings $398/yr.
  • 11 rental listings $428/yr.
  • 12 rental listings $458/yr.
  • 13 rental listings $488/yr.
  • 14 rental listings $518/yr.
  • 15 rental listings $548/yr.
  • 16 rental listings $578/yr.
  • 17 rental listings $608/yr.
  • 18 rental listings $638/yr.
  • 19 rental listings $668/yr.
  • 20 rental listings $698/yr.
  • Over 20 rental units? Please call for annual rates

Don’t let our low annual rates fool you. Our state-specific, low-annual-fee websites have defined us as a VALUE SUPERSTAR for hundreds of rental owners and property managers in 7 states!

Payment options:

  1. Check
  2. Credit Card or PayPal


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Do you use email spam-blocking tools? To ensure you receive our email communications, please add to your list of safe addresses. It is your responsibility to ensure that your email program allows inquiries from us. All rental contracts are between renters and owners or managers. RENTMONTANACABINS.COM does not take a commission on your booking. RENTMONTANACABINS.COM is your proud business partner. If you have questions, please contact us at 608-850-4242.

As a general rule, the larger the population base of the area in which your vacation rental is located, the more likely there are to be additional county and/or city regulations you will have to follow. Make sure you check the rental laws in your town and county.

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